Friday, 31 July 2009

Days after quarantine

That was so close... Almost got trapped inside KTSN for a week.. Thank God, we are free now!!

Out of KTSN 10.45am, need signature from felo as I had some symptoms.. *Cough cough* *Sneeze*

Back to Segamat, 1st thg - to CLINIC..
Doctor didn't seems to worry about my condition at all..
Told him I was under quarantine for 3 days.. *Laugh was all he had*
Given antibiotics, paracetamol, cough & flu medicine...

I took antibiotics and cough medicine after dinner..
Oh boy... I become so blur after that..
Part of it I felt a little bit confuse..
Part of it I felt I could just collapse on bed & doze off..

Well, although I am freaking blur & confuse, I am still so addicted to the Net..
After an hour or more, ta-da.. My addiction beats the effects of the medicine...



Sam Leong said...

i am also addicted to the internet...


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