Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Quarantine - Day 2

I didn't feel well the whole day..

I had cough since I was in Penang few days ago..

Perhaps I had too much fried food & black pepper.. I had sore throat.. I hate it so much as I disrupted my sleep.. It made me drink more and more and more.. As the result of that, I visited the toilet more than anything..

Day 2 was so bored.. It was like 2 weeks I had been trapped here in KTSN..

Trying to be positive..

But all those unclear and nonsense announcement jz couldn't stop making me thinking that I am now under quarantine..

Facebook status was full of complains about the quarantine..

Everyone was so tensed right now.. I couldn't blame them for that, this situation was too sudden..

6 positive H1N1 had been suspected - which mean, still counting the days of quarantine.. =(

UUM & UPM were closed as well due to the same problem..
But well, they didn't have any quarantine.. Haiz.. What is happening in UKM KL Campus?

I am so damn confused right now...

This evening, CS dropped by at the entrance to pass me some food..

Thank you, CS.. Hotdog buns & SUSHI!!!!

Freaking happy to see sushi when I am under quarantine.. LOL...



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