Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Quarantine - Day 3

I didn't know why I woke up early everyday even it was quarantine day..

I woke up around 7am every morning.. And I hardly doze off again.. Hmm..

Everytime I woke up, I'll tell myself to study & appreciate the time I had to brush up my Blood & Lymph module.. After I wake my laptop, the determination of studying gone in the air.. *poof - gone*

As a result, I just read half of the 1st lecture.. *swt*
Gosh.. Kemalasan tahap dewa already.. *Oink oink* Feel like a pig..

Didn't feel very well today since I crawled out from my dream and bed..
Runny nose...
Feel heat around my palm and sometimes body..

Oh no.. H1N1??

But then, when the day went on, I felt better..

Swear to myself if I feel worst again, I will go seek medical attention..
*Still hold on to my promise*

Good news came around 7pm in DSG when all the so called 'quarantine ppl' were gathered in the hall..

Anda semua boleh balik selepas pukul 9 pagi esok.. The most happy cheer I ever heard in my life..

It was not like the cheer that I heard before in my sports day, or when we were declared winner in any competition.. Or even when Malaysia was announced merdeka..

This was the most estatic cheer I ever heard.. It was from the poor quarantine ppl.. lolz..

What a relieve moment I had.. All the sickness gone in the thin air killed by the antibody of cheers...

Wakakaka... Dream comes true... Miracle do happens!!!!!



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