Sunday, 5 July 2009

Western weekend

I want my weekend back!!! AWWWW... Time passed so fast when I was just about to enjoy my weekend.. *Sigh*

Well, I had my weekend with my cousins & uncle.. Met Yu Li jie jie & her husband, I think the last time I met her was when we celebrated grandpa's birthday a few years back.. She still look quite the same. (Proved that she is still young..haha).. Had dinner with them in Happy Cafe.. *FISH & CHIPS*

Saturday lunch with Kevin ko ko in Star Village.. Western food again zzzz... *MUSHROOM CHICKEN CHOP*.. Not bad.. Well recommended.. After meals, I challenged my mind & body for DDR (Dancing Dancing Revolution?.. Forget already..) to burn my calories...

Dinner.. Nice one in Sweet beans or Red beans.. Nevermind, Ern & Tyng confused me with different names.. We had *CHEESE NOODLE WITH CHICKEN CHOP* I hope that is the right name for the food.. wakakkaa... Well recommended as well...

Today lunch in Calories.. I forgot what is the makanan called... Fried rice with pork chops & eggs wrap around it.... The portion is too big for me.. Burn away the calories by DDR again.

Dinner, Tyng & I cooked pasta with bolognese sauce.. I cut the chicken frankfurter... I didn't take picture of the dish cz it was kinda horrible.. Tyng & I had to agree with that.. The bowties pasta were so hard to cook.. The uneven shape of the pasta is so annoying... *sweat*


Sam Leong said...

tahu makan only... =)


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