Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Quarantine - Day 1 (27.07.2009)

Suspected H1N1 outbreak in my hostel, Kolej Tun Syed Nasir in Titiwangsa.

I went to campus early today. I went to the library & study for Medicine and Society. Very unexpected, someone came and announced that campus will be closed for a week due the reason I had stated above. We were asked to go back to our hostel for quarantine.

Damn! It can't be so fast.. I knew this is going to happen someday, just not today.. Gosh..

I rushed back to my hostel and it really look like something BIG had just happened in there. We were required to go in and stay. While my friend & I walked in (no choice), I witnessed a few of my coursemates walked pass the entrance with their luggage. I was like 'Hey, how could you...'

They wore mask & walked out jz like that. The guards called them to confirm where they came from. I jz can't believe that they continued what they were doing. Maybe the guards were too dumb enough to take a serious action towards them. That was so irresponsible! They were sick & when they heard we were going under quarantine, they ran..

I have to admit that - they are medical students! *What a shame..*

We had talk from Dr Ismail about the outbreak and purpose of having quarantine. More than 20 students have infleunza-like symptoms.. Under the order of Ministry of Health of Wilayah Persekutuan KL, our hostel was ordered to undergo quarantine while our campus was closed.

All this happened in jz less than 24 hours, but for me, I felt like it took a month..

Hell.. Life under quarantine was so miserable..

My brain is playing psychology game..

Feel like virus are surrounding me.. *Sigh*



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