Monday, 26 October 2009

I'm not throwing tantrum!!

Be responsible when you wan others to be responsible for you as well..
Isn't this how life should be..
Oh boy.. I'm getting angry now..

It collects dust as well as my room space!!!!
Over the weekend doesn't mean for a few months til the end of semester..
*Do not blame me if your aquarium is out of my door & somewhere in the landfill....

If wanna ask for someone's help...
And she said yes..
And she told you she can do it for you now since everything is on and ready..
And if you are not ready yet..
Tell her you are not ready and if she mind to help --- give specific time, or anything..
You know what is the 'whatever' reply?
*Haven't do la. Later la*

People is offering the help & that is the reply..
Then, come over and say I need your help now when everything is keep tidy at the usual place..

Oh well..
Forget it...
If I said all the above is okay for me, I am totally feeling-less..
I am not throwing tantrum..
It just happened to many times, not the different person!!!!!

Qi Wen's patience is limited!!!!!!!


Tyng said...

buang aje. i don't like this kind of person also.

Qi Wen said...

betul.. haha XD buang!!!


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