Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It has been a great time together!!

Today is my last day of academic session for my 2nd year semester 3. One I can say is that, the time passed in a dash that the time I spent with my PBL is so short. We are getting closer each session the whole semester til we went to Sunway together for lunch, ice skating as well as dinner.. Not to forget, Khairul's belated birthday celebration..

It was short..
But a memorable one..

I still remember vividly that the 1st time I looked through the new PBL name list early this semester, I felt a bit uncomfortable knowing I am the only chinese girl.

As time passed by, I have no other words to describe my PBL, but have to agree with Khairul that, we are 1Malaysia.

18 weeks of togetherness..
Here to say good luck & all the best to my PBL-mates

Chunn Hoo, being the ever loyal leader
Kent, being the ever cool friend
Dewi, being the ever funny & bubbly gal
Audrey, being the ever 'manja' gal
Khairul, being the ever togetherness humble guy
Hilmi, being the ever laughing neighbour of mine
Adilah, being the ever friendly side-kick
Sarinah, being the ever strength & spirit of the group
Thanuja, being the ever innocent & happy-go-lucky friend

It has been a great time together...

Good Luck & All the Best!!!

P.S - I like how you guys talk about movies
- How you guys picked the conversation
- How you guys crack a joke out of nothing
- How you guys brighten the days even the worst PBL session
- How we bond
- How you guys fight over how many muffins to buy
- How the surprise should be
- And !!!
- How Hilmi laughed
- Not to forget how Hilmi & Dewi always go along
- And how innocent Thanuja was in every situation

One thing that you guys really taught me was how to skate on ice!!!
Thanks, PBL 16...



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