Friday, 9 October 2009

Roller Coaster Life

I couldn't say that life these few days were horrible or busy. It was all just how I placed it in my mind to interpret it as 'busy' or 'free' or 'i don't mind / bother about it'. Sometimes it was so hard to explain how a twist of life can be. It was like a roller coaster ride.. Few hours before, happiness might be glooming me.. Few hours later, it might be thundering in my brain and heart..

No matter how tough a week can be, there must be something fresh as well as humorous in between..

'Curse of Stone' was the last 1st session PBL I would have with my PBL 16-mates.. It proved how fast time passed by. I don't think I know much about my PBLmates yet this time. We didn't spend much time doing things together compared to previous PBL during the 1st year. I am close with my 1st ever PBL due to PPD camp we had went through together & acted together on stage. While for my 2nd PBL, we were closer & noisier & crazier with the Limau RM4.. lolz.. =)

Back to the stone that was cursed... I volunteered myself to become the scribbler or scriber (I don't know). For the 1st time I didn't actually scribble on the so called mahjong paper. I sat in a weird position with wires around me & typed everything while looking at the projection screen (that's the name?). Feel like a secretary.. lolz..

Medicine & Society almost make me go berserk this time. Maybe it was just me who had low mentality IQ or something like that, I didn't get what is all this about actually. Correlation, Qualitative & Quantitative.. What I found was they looked so professional with numbers & creative in some of the ways..

Maybe should start to kill more time facing notes than my lappy & Facebook..

'Face books' time.. Chaoz...



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