Saturday, 31 October 2009

Scary dream!!!

I had this dream few days ago. Pretty scary.. It was terrible. Kind of like think of it sometimes before I off the light and sleep these few nights. *sweat*

It was at an abandon, unfinished building with a lot of empty spaces. I remembered some professors or sort of high-positioned people brought a bunch of us (I couldn't recognize the people) there. We were having some clinical exam there. (???) We were pair up with physiotherapy students as according to the professors, this task need medical student & physiotherapy students' mind to work thing right.

We were brought to the exam site in that building. The professor let all of us went through to see what will be examined on later.

So scary & shocked!!! I saw an unknown girl lying side way on the floor with blood in her eyes and very black lower eyelids. *Long hair* *Emotionless*

We were told to examine her & find her cause of death! *Medicine + physiotherapy??*

I still remember I paired up with Zhi Ling (lolz XD).. When it was our turn, I was super afraid and Zhi Ling went missing leaving me alone. Suddenly the girl wake up & said she need to add more 'blackness' below her eyelids to make her more real for me to examine her *AAHHHHH!!!!!*

I ran down my house stairs.. *My house, really*

I shouted from downstairs that I didn't want to do that exam & just let me go...

I heard my mom answered from upstairs that if I didn't do it, I will directly resign by UKM as medical student.. *sweat*

The next thing, I thought I already wake up from my dream. That girl in a blur condition still there.. *NOOOOOO!!!!!*

After that, only I realized it was a dream & woke up in REALITY...




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