Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lazy + Hungry + Wasting....


I have been very lazy since raya holiday til now.. I am not in study mood at all although final is just 5 weeks ahead. If my laziness still haunting me, I will definitely have no time to study.. Terrible feeling right now.. Can't remember what I had read before... Gosh... Hope that this laziness can go away.. Go away!!!


I always feel hungry these few days.. I have been eating a lot.. I had a lot of big portion meals and somewhat unhealthy food for 3 meals in 3 different days.. Monday I had lunch with my friends in Uncle Duck Steamboat.. Super full.. Wednesday I had black pepper chicke chop with spaghetti as lunch.. Today I had McD Nugget set plus McFlurry for dinner.. As I mentioned I am lazy.. I didnt do any exercise at all.. I am going to gain weight again.. No way!! But, I am still lazy and hungry.. =(


Wasting of time, daydreaming, watch HK drama, play FB games... =(
Wasting of money, external hard disk, shirts, somewhat unhealthy food =(




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