Sunday, 29 November 2009

♥Singapore Day 3 - Shopaholics♥

Ngee Ann City

Day 3

We have big evil plan
Being evil to our parents' money
*Jeng Jeng Jeng*

Tyng & I planned to spend the day shopping!!!!
*Su-Lynn got Piano Grade 8 Exam, so cool*
*if not, she will complain that shopping is boring*

Just across the road, Ion Orchard
Big enough
Wide enough
Long enough
Confusing enough
For us to walk & walk & walk....

Now I found my shopping partner..

We had our breakfast in Orchard Parksuites before we 'kick-start' XD
We went there quite early
So we stopped by Starbucks to have a drinks
We chatted about our high school life
About marching, camping, annoying people

Here comes our journey:

Our favourite boutique of all.
Spend most of our time there searching for our fav pieces.
Trying on it.
And of course, BUYING IT!!!!


Tyng found a really simple but nice shoes
Simply lovely


We walked out of Ion Orchard
Heading towards Shaw House
*This was after we had walked in almost every shop in Ion!!!*


Found this in Mango

My Christmas Fairytales
We found a very nice scarf. Well, we didn't buy it

We bought tickets for the night show of A Christmas Carol in 3D
It costs $13 per person
The movie is based on a classic literature / book by Charles Dickens

Back to Ion Again

Soup Spoon
We decided to take a rest there & have a soup
But, it was full

So we continued walking around Ion Orchard again

Our last stop before heading back to Orchard Parksuites
There was where we got our accessories
Rings, necklaces, earrings

We went back after and found out they cooked mushroom soup for us
It was from the soup spoon

3D Time

A Christmas Carol
I am kinda blur in the beginning
Just a bit lost
I put everything back together after that
That was a very cute movie
I like the candle
*The spirit, Ghost of Christmas Past*
Worth watching
Although the 3D glasses almost flatten my nose
*if the movie was any longer*

Dinner + Supper
Ate in Food Hall

Su-Lynn: I don't know what to eat oooooo PRATA....

I had chicken murtabak
Couldn't finish it
*i don't think i need to explain*

Something cool
Aunt MC checked Su-Lynn's new school letter & schedule in my room
So we were there joining her
Curious of Su-Lynn's upcoming school
St. Joseph International School
*yeah, in Singapore*
She will have to go camping in a place called Loola, in Bintan

The word 'Loola' came into our sights
We started playing around with the words

Ying came up with
Yeah, from the word Loola
She started to repeat all these:

*Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po*

After dinner, on our way back
We passed by Prada
From Loooooola~~~
To Praaaadaaaaa~~~

Tyng & I, at the same time :

It was a cool day


Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

oh gosh the wonderful holiday!! XD


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