Sunday, 9 May 2010


Usually the President of Kitchen (my house) is my grandma and my aunt is her personal assistant..

Last Saturday, my mommy took over the board for a day because my grandma & aunt followed my grandpa & dad to Johor Bahru to visit my aunt and uncles.

My mommy & I planned what to cook one day before. We decided to make something nice and healthy as well. The usual president's meal were kind of oily sometimes and not to my liking. (sorry *guilty*)

So, we came up with simple 'lauk'..

Fried potato & onion with soy sauce
I helped to cook this ^_^
Not much oil added in this

Non-oily fresh vegetable (sawi)

*I tried to rotate it a few times, I don't know why it is still like that after the uploading is done*
Fried onion to eat with seaweed + egg soup
My favourite!
But this is not a healthy one
My mommy's pro-est edible food
Very patient when frying
Must control the fire (low fire)
Must fry it slowly
Jadi hitam la!!!!




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