Sunday, 30 May 2010

Klinik asas - Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is where I started
Not a clue what I need to do
Start with a briefing
Then, divided into groups
My doctor couldn't make it on the 1st day
So, I am set free....

We met Dr. Shahrul Azmin on the 2nd day
Followed him for ward round
Listen to his joke
And how funny he approached his patients
Then we had demo from him
Physical examination for CVS, respi, GIT, CNS

I just found out that
There are so many things I need to know in details
And really pay attention to it..
Going so gaga when we couldn't answer his question

What is the complications of liver biopsy?
What is the tube attached to her? What are the functions?
What is the complications of dengue?

Coming klinik asas - O & G




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