Sunday, 30 May 2010

New place

Heya people.. So sorry for my loooooooong absence in my blog.. Kind of busy these few days to weeks, perhaps. Anyway, life getting interesting right now. I really need lots of gut to take those challenge that keep rushing in.

I had moved in to Prisma Perdana in Cheras. In case you need to know it more details, I am definitely not the one that can explain that (I am direction blind!). It is located in Jalan Midah 8A, if I am not mistaken. Next to Prisma Cheras, behind Laman Midah. It is only walking distance to the hospital.

This is my place in master bedroom.
Sharing the room with Siew Im & Pei Zhi..
There are a bit changes here for now, my wardrobe had moved to another corner

In the evening, I will hear cheers and shout from those very semangat people down there
From my room window, all you can see are HUKM area
Those courts down there are inside HUKM

This is the shoe rack that I shared with my house mates (include Wei Yeng)
We felt satisfied after fixing this on our own

On your right is KTDI, the main hostel.
Since I am staying at the 14th floor, the view is quite nice & very windy as well
Till then....
P.S - It is because my room is facing KTDI, my lappy can detect UKM-Jaring. Now I can online for free ^_^




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