Sunday, 9 May 2010

♥ momma ♥

Everyday is Mother's Day for me because there is zero day of me without mommy.
She is where we come from..
From the day I had my 1st heartbeat during my fetal life until now..
Which day, hours, minutes, seconds, miliseconds without mommy?
Whether she is in front of us or not, even though not at home, she is still MOMMY

I love you, mommy....

9th May - Mommy's birthday as well...
*As Sam likes to say "Double KAT"

Me & Bro
Poppa & Momma
(or Tyng's style *appa & amma*)

I made mommy a basket of chick in eggshell
No glue or tape or staple use

*picture rotate problem again -DUH*
I am the smallest chick!

♥ Sam ♥
Always do for him
He letak nama sahaja
*later want to ask for salary*

♥ Eli ♥

Why chicks?
*I will leave this question here*

POST #200!!!!




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