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Kelvin Gems: Charm Making Workshop

After being M.I.A so long for not joining and attending most of the event that I was really crazy about, finally I decided to accept the invitation by Elwyn from MilkADeal to attend a Charm Making Workshop, despite having major exams coming up.

Charm bracelet has been always on top of the list while accessories browsing whenever there is a chance of window shopping. Every charms tell a different unique story, other than being really nice to wear one. After all, I have not found one that was near to a story that I want to tell. With that, I am really grateful being able to attend this workshop. Not only I got to personalised my own charm, I get to learn to make them!

Our destination of the day: Kelvin Gems (inside Belle's Classic)

Kelvin Gems :)

Imma excited, I was there early and pretend to be hardworking!
Love the comfy sofa section in Belle's Classic

Elwyn paying full concentration on the beds and ornaments displayed

The beads and "ornaments" (I'm not sure what did they called) ready for our workshop to begin anytime, getting more and more excited about it

Don't cha just love it, I hope I own a set too :)

Sort of like childhood playing dressing up accessories set, that we can string them together :)

Some of the charms that were already done for us to warm-up our creativity juice!
I heart the Christmas Charm :)

Our tools were nicely prepared, so much heart from them
When the workshop started, we just took out all the tools and the plastic bag
Aww, so nice of them to packed it this way but we just opened it that way

Some of the display in the room

Before the workshop started, we were introduced about different types of necklace that are made by different materials, very impressing especially the one made from mesh

Love this max max!
The bear is the lock of this necklace, where you open and close it
Very creative :D

The material sounds really exotic - Stingray leather
Very unique bangles here

 Let's get the work started

All of us were given a chain measured of a girl's average wrist diameter
On the left, the rounded playar is used in small area and to stabilized the ring when opened,  as well as to twist a  pin into a hook
In the middle, that is the cutter
On the right, the flat playar are use to open the ring and secure it

With the 2 tools above, the big ring on the left and a rod-shaped thing was hooked in
The ring and rod will be the lock for the bracelet

This is the T-pin, were we used to create our own design out of all beads and ornaments given, stack 2 beads together or 1 beads with a butterfly. A good way to reveal your creativity and start a good story for your charm!

Fresh from oven!
On top: Qi Tyng's personalized charm bracelet 
On the bottom: Mine mine mine!

Our 2nd project - to personalized our own charm belt or so-called scarf

Factory worker look alike in the process to create my future belt, full concentration
My "long project" - quoted by Elwyn

When we are done with the "lepak" look in there, we took a picture with Angie (in the middle). 
Angie was our great teacher in making the charm bracelet, belt, keychain and earrings. She is an image consultant too and Kelvin is her husband (remember, Kelvin Gems. Afraid after too much story about the workshop, forgot why it is Kelvin)
In the picture, that is the alternative way to wear the charm belt, wear it like a scarf!

The end-products!

Let me tell you my story here, err, but have to read it from the right to the left
"On Christmas (Snowflake), the Princess (Crown) unlocked herself (Dior lock) from the castle, she went off and found her Prince (Boy & Girl)"
"This is like a fairytale" - Qi Tyng

This is the charm belt a.k.a scarf that I did, this one I got no story to tell, maybe you guys can make one out of this

Some of the ornaments I created from the T-pin
I love the Snowflake so much that I had it on my bracelet and belt

Another end of the belt, ornaments that I created myself (not the Eiffel Tower)

Made by Jay, the color is something different from my own charm bracelet
Now I can choose which one to go with my clothes :)

Earrings by Jay too :)
Pretty plain but nice, too much beads for my age is a no-no
It will make me way older than my age

Keychain done by Jay :D

This is the last product that I want to show you guys and tell you the story
This is made by Qi Tyng
The story tells from right to left again
"On Christmas, there is Love in between the Tortoise/Turtle"
LOL! But the tortoise is really cute

I made a childhood fairytales, she made a childhood animal story
It will be a good idea to teach the kids in the kindy this way
Consider that, Tyng :D

I really enjoy this workshop much much that I couldn't explain how much fun it was, especially it was something that I had been eyeing for quite some times. Not only I get to own them now, I get to personalised my own story and charms through all of them. Other than that, I finally get to meet up Elwyn, Benjamin and Kah Mon, and seeing Qian for the first time :D

Our group picture (without Elwyn)
This picture is courtesy of Kah Mon

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The Charm Making Workshop will be up soon in MilkADeal, do check them up! :)

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Xue Ren said...

so nice! I wish I can go to that workshop too! =X

jamiey writes said...

sweet! hope they have it in Penang :P

LauraLeia said...

Me too! I would love to attend a workshop like that and make my own charm bracelet/earrings! :)


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