Friday, 21 June 2013

What I want for my birthday

I'm turning 23 today!
*throwing confetti on myself*

As the saying goes,
"One year older, one year wiser"

or take it a more Malaysian way, my favorite of all:
"You old liao"

Errmmm, thanks?

Well, as for me, I'll go for
"Today it will be the youngest day I will be, as well as the oldest I will be"

I know right, say already like I never say before right?
*self facepalm*

My scroll of what I want for my birthday:

To thank God
Not only for today, everyday I'm thankful. I want to thank God for all He has guide me through. Everything that He had grant me, everything that He had took it out from my life, it is a journey worth taking with Him. Thank you for today.

Time with my family & loved one
I'm thankful that this wish definitely comes true. Have been celebrating my birthday out of my hometown for years, finally I've got the chance to wake up on my lovely bed, get to see my Mom & Dad. I couldn't ask for more, but my list still goes on. Birthday can request more, right?
*sympathy puppy eyes*

Stronger and healthier
I'm very aware that one does not get healthier or maintaining the good health condition by sitting and hoping it to be that way. Since I'm having a long holiday now, before one letter come to ruin it all, calling me to start working, I better keep myself moving before it is too late.

I've been a huge fan of Jillian Michaels, American toughest trainer. Some might not love her attitude, her workouts certainly kick my butt. Even though it is my birthday PLUS with the unwelcoming haze out there, I still stick with my schedule and routine on her Body Revolution program.

A lot people told me 
"Your body ok what, why so hardcore?"
"Why do you still want to get fit and thin when you are not fat"

It is not really a fat and thin issue, at least not the main factor for me. There are people that have bigger body frame, but healthy in the inside.

I'm not hardcore at all, I only do 30 minutes of workout per day, I don't spend on gym membership. All I spend on were the dumb bells & yoga mat, which is a good investment in my opinion for the long run.

30 minutes, like 2% of my time in a day 

Believe it if I told you I was once having hypercholesterolemia when I was 18, it runs in the family. Not all girls workout to be thin, I'm trying to battle a more serious genes that run in the family, besides hypercholesterolemia...

*Maybe this is not for everyone when speaking about fitness, just that I'm an avid believer of it*

Haze, please go away
Something not only for me, but for all...

Productive housemanship training
SOON, when the letter comes, I'll be called to work in one of the government hospital, either they grant my wish to place me in the hospital of my choice or anywhere they think I should be. From there, I will take up the responsibility as a houseman / house officer. Carrying the Dr title might sounds grand for anyone who sees it, but it takes a lot of responsibility. 

I wouldn't ask for a smooth-sailing 2 years journey of housemanship because I know it won't. The challenges are waiting. And, that is what I should be expecting to turn me into someone better to stay in this field. I would only ask for a fruitful journey and always remember why I want to be there in the first place.

Blessing to my family and friends
Thank you for all the birthday wishes throughout the day from friends since kindergarten til the end of my university days, bloggers that I've came across, family members either the closed one or the extended one, those that had only see my face on your mobile screen, seniors, juniors and teachers.

God bless all of you 


 I start typing this while I'm taking my rest after my workout. My mom called out from her room, "Go shower"

Right, I'm still Mummy's girl..

Since I stay silent, she came to see what I was doing and I told her I was writing my blog.

Her reply was
"Ooohh, blog ah? Okay..."

Then, she no longer urging me to go shower.. How supportive!

Ok ok, I know most of you already saying *chou chou* in your mind. Ok lor, go bam bam lor...



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Qi Tyng Leong said...

Bom bom. Same like me just now. Workout ady haven't shower coz rest kejap. Hahaha

Xu Vin said...

happy belated birthday wen dear! srry a bit late! great wishes u have there. :D


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