Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 2 Kuching: Rainy day but lots of FOOD!

I got culture shock when the sky is so BRIGHT at 6.30am. My cousin and I thought we overslept!
At 7am, the sky looks like 9-10am in Peninsular Malaysia

We head out for breakfast at 8.45am


Kim Yu Li Cafe, 3rd Mile Bazaar

Pork kueh chap 
Small for RM 4, what I had
For medium, it costs RM 5
Zhen (much bigger) for RM 6

Originally, the kueh chap was mixed with pork internal organs. However, we requested not to have those, only pork and pork skin.

I love this dish, the soup and it has been ages I last had kueh chap. Not counting the instant kueh chap that can be bought in the supermarket.

The tourists (us) having pork kueh chap for breakfast before heading to church

Xu Vin brought us along to the church that she went to for Sunday Service, Hope Kuching. I love the ambience, people here are very friendly. A friend of Xu Vin looks like Him Law (TVB actor) to me when I first saw him! Haha, name could not be displayed to avoid him from kembang hidung nanti..  XD


The rain started to pour right after we entered this shop for Sarawak Kolo Mee
This shop is located in Green Road, opposite Chung Ling Plaza

It is RM 5 a bowl
My lovely tour guide, Vin suggested us to try the original one with addition of pork oil that gives the red orange tint on the noodle. While, without the oil, it is just plain colour of the noodle. The difference is shown in this picture.

I LOVE THIS and I MISS THIS now, plus Teh C peng 
Awesome :)

Kolo Mee in Segamat still the best in a different way. The noodle is very dark in color, brown, with vegetables and char siew. Just realized Sarawak Kolo Mee has no green leafy.

Rainy day, not sure where to go
So, we went to stroll along Waterfront Kuching.
The building here is the new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building, or in other word Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN)

Then we went across the road to survey some souvenirs and kek lapis. The whole row of shop lots sell souvenirs, more or less the same. Just for price comparison and an idea what they have for tourists like us. I was attracted to all the tee shirts.

Tea Time

Okay, boring rainy day, not sure where to go, so we decided to eat again

We went to Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre, Lorong 15 off Jalan Padungan

Ta-dah, all the food ordered by Xu Vin just for tea time :)

Sotong Kangkung
RM 3.50
Every time I look at this picture, I want to eat this again.
A combination of 3 of my favorite food
Sotong + kangkung + peanuts sauce!!!!
Highly recommended

Belacan beehoon
RM 3.50
This was well recommended by quite a lot of people in Foursquare when I was checking in 
Another awesome dish, the belacan taste is thick but I love it
Never did I try meehoon soup with belacan :)

I was introduced to this dessert as Metahorn (it sounds like this)
I thought of Transformer when I heard the name
RM 2.00
If you need something sour-based to tickle your taste buds, this is the dessert of choice
There are fruits, the green cendol thingy, ice and lemon.

Not my top favorite, I prefer the next dessert that I'm going to tell

I prefer this one than metahorn, this is White Lady
This is milky-based dessert with fruits
RM 2.00

Gong Pia, RM 0.80 per piece
This is something new to me, a doughnut snack with fillings that taste like the one in char siew pau
A good tea time snacks
This is on the top list of recommendation by people in Foursquare
Don't leave without trying this!

With full tummy, we went for a walk in Taman Sahabat
It is a housing area, with lake and Laksamana Cheng Ho statue

This is the Laksamana Cheng Ho statue
Vin told me, the statue looks like turtle from the back
I have to agree...  XD

Then we went home for a rest before heading out for dinner again

Foochow Food

We had foochow food in BDC Siang Siang Corner, Kuching

Mee Suah
RM 6.00
I don't remember when was the last time I had mee suah. This is one of my Mom's favorite food, so I know about this food quite some time ago.
There are 2 big chicken and my favorite mushroom, love love

Kam Pua
RM 3.50
Something NEW to me!
This is a simple yet popular dish in Sibu and Sarikei.
It resembles wantan mee in Peninsular Malaysia, but taste different.
At the first sight, this looks bland and I've never been so wrong, I like this :)

Tien Pien Hu
RM 3.50
The name got me reading it a few times because I'm not familiar with this dish
My first time trying this
I know this as "mee hun ker" from my Mom back in my hometown

It comes with special fishballs, which taste really good :)

We went to watch The Great Gatsby after the dinner
 That's it for Day 2 in Kuching :)



Xu Vin said...

wow! rajin!! hehehhe. awesome commentary. i was like walking down memory lane again reading this. :P


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