Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 3 Kuching: Cultural Village & Ayam Penyet

Hello, it is my day 3 in Kuching
After the rainy day yesterday, the days to come are all sunny :)

Another day awoken by the bright sky at around 7am++

Heading out for breakfast around 9am


Ho Joo Cafe, 3rd Mile Bazaar

Sarawak laksa with teh c peng :)

My first time trying Sarawak laksa!
Of all the laksa I've ever had, this is the mildest one
Not spicy, but I love the prawn, fu chuk and strips of chicken

Awesome breakfast, feels so local :)

Full tummy, time to burn it

Sarawak Cultural Village

Here we are in Sarawak Cultural Village
Xu Vin brought friends here annually, so she is like our super tour guide 

This is the Chinese traditional house
Pose pose XD

Pose a bit then tried to work this thing, not easy
My Mom told me she used to help her neighbour with this

Fabulous cat found on top of the table in the Chinese traditional house
Look at him! 
Feel like want to carry him home, sleep also got style!

The Malay traditional house
I love this shot
Xu Vin turned into our photographer, running up and down helping to take our pictures

If I'm not mistaken, this is the Orang Melanau house
We were told that this house model is about 3-4 times smaller than the real one, include the height

Inside the Orang Melanau house
Look at how they build the staircase, going up is okay, but coming down is horrible
The floor is a bit scary, some of the gap is a bit bigger than the other one, but super tough, no worries!

I didn't take down note, if I'm not mistaken this is Orang Ulu house
The wood used for the floor is way better than the one in Orang Melanau house

We saw this wooden xylophone, even if you whack it, it is still very tough
Okay, we didn't whack it

The house corridor is so spacious, was said to use for gathering purpose because one house usually has a few family

At 11am, they have cultural dance performance at the auditorium
After a long walk under the scorching sun, finally we were able to sit comfortably to watch the show

We bought something while walking along the cultural village
This is Sago Pancake
It costs RM2
I don't remember how they cook, but no oil needed
It looks dry, but tasty
It tasted like waffles to me

 We had simple lunch in Damai beachfront
Rice and ABC :)
No pictures

Cat Museum

Everything related to cat
From Hello Kitty to Garfield
Prosperity cats, batik with cats' eyes, drawings
Cats everywhere

Went up to Kuching Civic Centre
One of the best place to view the city of Kuching, 360 degree view
Nice weather 
I'm starting to fall in love on this place :)

Hot day, what's next?
Definitely something that match hot weather the best

Sunny Hill Ice-Cream

The super famous homemade ice-cream in Kuching
Xu Vin told us that they have different flavour everyday
The day we went, they are having Strawberry

Can either order Strawberry ice-cream or Vanilla ice-cream or mixed
We had the mixed one with peanuts
RM 2.70

Sometimes they will have other flavours like Yam, Chocolate, Corn and end of thinking capacity (etc)
Awesome on a super hot day


We took the sampan across Waterfront to look for this place called 
My Village Barok Bistro
7, Jalan Kampung Boyan, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak

This place is recommended by Xu Vin's sister for its Ayam Penyet

We ordered a 2-person set, add 1 plate of rice
Every dishes have a lot of choices on how you want it to be cooked

Of course we have the Ayam Penyet, which taste super awesome with the special sauce
Fish of the day was siakap, we want it to cooked with sweet and sour sauce
For the soup, we have the choice of tom yam or vegetable soup. We ordered vegetable soup, but there are chicken meat inside.. Haha :D
There is Chinese-styled tofu with mushroom, really taste like the one in Chinese restaurant. I like the sauce..

Vegetable time! My first time eating this, was said not available in Peninsular Malaysia. This is MIDIN (jungle fern)

It looks like the Paku we had back in Peninsular, but this isn't
We picked midin to be fried with garlic
There are a lot of choices of how you want it to fried with

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this jungle fern, paku wasn't my favorite. But this is good and crunchy :)

For the drinks, the waiter recommended us Barok Special.
A twist of Sunkist with lime, lemon, lychee and asam boi, a refreshing and appetizing mix

If I'm not mistaken, the meal cost about RM49 
(Don't remember, I might be wrong)

Must take picture before eating, Xu Vin and me me me :)

Even the family that sat beside us saw us taking picture of the food, she was like 
"Take take, arrange a bit"

Awesome people!



Hilda Milda™ said...

Midin is a must! And also mani cai with egg, not sure if you tried :s And I love love sunny hill ice cream, have to have them everytime I'm in Kuching :D

Xu Vin said...

waaa rajin..... xD nice account!

Qi Tyng Leong said...

The lady even said "Instagram it!" XD

Andrew Chong said...

I never got a chance to visit the cultural village when I was there during NS >.<.


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