Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 1 in Kuching

I made a sudden decision to visit Kuching a few days before we really fly
Boredom is the main factor, I have got nothing much to explore back in my hometown. Then, I remembered Xu Vin has been asking me to visit her hometown, Kuching since the first year break until I've finally graduated.

It is time to stop giving excuses and fly!
I texted Tyng immediately, asking her to join me.
Just when she reached home, we directly communicate via Line in booking flight tickets..

The tickets aren't really cheap, but we are in hunger to explore Sarawak. A place that both of us have never been to

I was thinking to cram everything in 1 post, but there are too many pictures 
Let me annoy you daily (if I'm hardworking enough) to update my visit from Day 1 to 4

I landed on 25th May, so this is a really delayed post :(

Kuching International Airport
Before we landed, we actually love the view of Kuching from the bird's eye view

Finally I was in another state of Malaysia
However, I haven't explore Kedah and Perlis yet because I am not sure what to do there

No plan at all, I swear
We wore the same shirt without planning
I went to KL for my ophthalmologist appointment, then I went over to Tyng's place and we travel to LCCT together

When she opens her room door, we were totally laughing our ass off
Same shirt!!!

Landed in Kuching, Xu Vin brought us to Peach Garden Food Centre for more and more food

Tomato kuey tiaw (RM 4.00)
This is said to be only found in Sarawak
 I guess other place might as well have this, which I don't know, but Sarawak is the ori one!

Xu Vin actually wanted to order tomato noodle.
Haha.. I think she wasn't very sure it turns out to be a kuey tiaw. But the important part here is the tomato right.... So, it is okay :)

Fried tofu with thai chili sauce (RM 4.00)
I love this! Anything to do with tofu is my favorite :)

Teochew oyster omelette a.k.a oujian (RM 6.00)
Another mistake when Vin ordered this, was supposed to try Crispy oujian
This is very good too! 
Super lots of oyster, my favorite!!!
Every bite got oyster :) :)

Fried radish (RM 4.00)
This is good when you have a few
I advise you to share with more people, because it tends to be very satiated after awhile
So jelak after we had it for too much

Peach Garden Food Centre
Jalan Song, Kuching

We landed around 5pm, so after eating and chatting + introducing Tyng to Vin, vice versa. We went back to Vin's house and watch TV. We are very lucky to have Vin around, we were able to save up expenses on accommodation :)

That's all for my less than half day spent in Kuching, more to come....



Kelvin Tan said...

Hmm, can see the place already quite hazy that time.

Hilda Milda™ said...

I'll be heading to Kuching on Tuesday, definitely a place filled with yummy food everywhere :D HEHEHE!

Xu Vin said...

haha it looked like kuching had haze from ur photo! xP paiseh ter-ordered so many things wrongly. overexcited over u guy's visit kot hahaha


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