Friday, 12 July 2013

Bad customer service experience

All right, this happened months and ages ago

My cousin and I bought a facial treatment deal, which was about RM 18 per person. I know it was really cheap and I didn't expect for VIP service given to both of us. 

We went to a different room to fill up the form and was given skin analysis by different beautician. My cousin met one really nice beautician. However, mine turn out pretty bad.

Initially, she was really nice to me, introducing herself and she did skin analysis for me. After that, the bad experience comes

#1 She didn't know the brand of the products I'm using

After telling me my skin type and all the flaws in my face, she started to question about my products. She asked how much did I spent on my current BASIC skincare products, which only include cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

So I told her, it was about RM 150 to RM 200. I couldn't remember the exact at the moment, so I give her a rough number. She looked at me a second and go like
"RM 150? So little?"

I told her if to add up sunscreen and mask, definitely will be more. But that did not convince her at all.

She then asked the next question "So, what is the name of the brand? 3 products for RM150?"
At that time, I was using Yves Rocher. 
I have to repeat the word 'Yves Rocher' a few times, and she got a bit impatient and said
"I didn't what you're using. Where did you get this from?"

I told her there is this one Yves Rocher kiosk in Sunway Pyramid and she brushed me off saying
"I don't know what brand is that"

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I was using Yves Rocher Pure System previously. I still have the toner and moisturizer though.
Cleanser - RM 39.00
Toner - RM 39.00
Moisturizer - RM 49.00
Total: RM 127.00

Looking at the real total, I told my beautician it is RM 150 and she still want to question me.
 Okay la, I know I'm cheapskate and poor..


#2 Introducing facial packages (that lasts 6 months) before my facial experience

After she couldn't understand what Yves Rocher was, she started to tell me about their facial treatment packages. It was my first time in the beauty salon, I have not try the facial treatment that I'm coming for yet and she bombarded me with plenty of packages.

Like most people I told her I would consider about it later after I've done this treatment.

She insisted that the treatment I'm getting today won't help changes my skin condition because I need come a few times to see results, which I understand well.


#3 When I told her I haven't earn enough for everything

"How many pocket money will you get for a month?"

I was still a student back (I'm not one now, yipee) then and for a package of 6 months, definitely I haven't got the power to have them. I'm still under loan for my studies. I'm just being honest and she was being really straightforward as well.

She started to do financial plan for me!
I don't remember how much I have to pay for that, but the numbers are towards thousands.
Not to mention, she is hinting me that student from public uni don't have to spend much...

After the "why your basic products cost so cheap" and "I can't pay for a long term package" incidents, she got impatient and said
"Come, let's start the facial"

Looking at me like "this poor girl such a waste of time!"


#4 Left me just like that after the facial treatment

She removed the mask on me (which was the last step of the treatment) in a really un-gentle way and said "Done". She was no where to be seen until I left the place.

My cousin had hers done and her beautician at least talked to her asking for a little feedback on the treatment and of course, selling her some packages and products as well. At least she got someone with good service after she declined the offers.

I have no chance to give my feedback. Actually, the facial treatment is good. My skin stays in good condition just like after the treatment for a few days. 

In the service aspect, I might not be lucky



Merryn said...

Overzealous beautician wanting to close your deal. Not professional at all.

Xu Vin said...

darn. she would be in so much trouble if she met some1 who's not as nice as you. lol. defi not professional. needs ppd remedial classes. :P

Xue Ren said...

thats really bad weyyy! what a bad impression the beautician left for the whole shop! :(

j_fish said...

Maybe she pronounces Yves Rocher differently from your pronounciation. It's easily mispronounced.

It's annoying when people think we should spend a fortune on skincare. Not everyone can afford it, espcially students. --________--lll

I wouldn't be as patient as you were. I'd snap back at her.


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