Monday, 1 July 2013

Day 4 Kuching: Wind Cave, Fairy Cave & Orang Utan

Decided to go outdoor adventure today in Kuching, good weather helps :)


Chong Chon Cafe
3rd Mile, Kuching

Spinach noodle (RM3.50)
This is the famous green green noodle in Chong Chon cafe, came with pork meat
This dish is as simple as that, spinach noodle + pork, and that is enough to be really satisfied 
Of course, must drink Teh C Peng as well!

Don't mix up Chong Chon and Chong Choon cafe in Kuching
I tried Chong Choon the next day, will blog about it later

48km from Kuching, 5km from Bau town. It is about 45 minutes drive from Kuching City

Wind Cave got its name from the cooling breeze of air blowing continuously through the cave.

Before the exploration of Wind Cave, must take picture of before and after
(Sounds like slimming program)

Entry fees RM1 per person

There are 3 passages to be explored
Passage 1 and 3 are the cave
Passage 3 are more like a jungle viewing

Inside the cave, all pathway nicely build with wooden plank painted with white lines every time you need to take 1 step up or down for safety reason
No steep weird looking steps or stairs here


Ta-dah, the darkness with our torchlight effects
4 of us went in, but we only brought one tiny torchlight plus the brightest handphone torch
Xu Vin brought her pen torch, but doesn't work here

We paid too much attention shining the light at the pathway than around the cave
We did stopped in some part of the cave to look around
There are signboards inside with information, like bat holes etc

Water dripping from the top, wet passages some of the part
Bats flying around above us

We are out!
All 3 passages didn't take very long, we finished the whole exploration less than 30 minutes
Nothing super adventurous here, except that you're afraid of total darkness

Without torchlight, the darkness level is seriously 900000
Not like those darkness that has a hint of what you can see
This is the most perfect darkness by nature, LOL

One adventure accomplished, can put a "tick" in our travel history

Next stop: FAIRY CAVE
Super near with Wind Cave, we are still in Bau

The cave entrance is right behind us
Before we reached this place, we were required to climb about 5 flights of stair
It was said that Fairy Cave is about 3-storey high

Once we entered the entrance, it was another pitch black moment
The person in-charge of torchlight will have to serve the others again
There are 2 steep slippery metal stairs to climb
Must queue up to clim the stair because the size of the stairs can only fit one person

Have to wait as well as the it is the only stair to go in and come out
Water dripping on us as well while climbing up the stairs

Done climbing the stairs in darkness, here we are in a whole new chamber
We came from the opening at the left bottom of this picture, the black color area

We were left with a lot of choice of stairs, which way to go
We took the one on our right and start climbing up up up
Where we took this picture is where we end up from the first route that we picked

From here you can see the steps, most of them have no handles or banister
Going up is quite easy, but going down needs more care

While standing at this area, we were looking around for the Fairy statue
Then, Xu Vin told us it was at the other side
Can't really appreciate it from this picture
The statue is actually right opposite us, in this picture.. Too small

A picture first
Before we have to go all the way down from the scary looking steps again, to climb up again at the other side to reach the Fairy statue

I'm like promoting the mini torchlight in every cave picture, yeah, I'm the one in-charge to turn it on when needed

Where the natural light came from to shine the cave and take over my torchlight job

Finally we found the statue, took the wrong route to the wrong peak on the first time
Not exactly wrong la, we need to explore the whole cave anyway

Awesome right?

Getting out from the cave where we need to go through the pitch black area again, going down 2 flights  of stairs that aren't awesome

Another 5 flights of stairs back to where we parked the car

Another mission accomplished!

We went to have lunch in Batu Kawa, in a cafe called Big Mouth
Xu Vin recommended me the Lei Cha there
I love the bowl of brown rice with the vegetables, but still not a fan of the soup

No picture, tired and hungry


Entry pass cost RM5.00 per person

Come around 9am to 10am or 3pm to 3.30pm, this is the orang utan's feeding time where chances of seeing them are really high.

There are 27 Orang Utan here, depends on luck how many wish to show themselves when you're there

This is Delima and her baby, if I didn't heard it wrongly from the park rangers

The mommy and the baby walked towards us, then stopped to pick up something from the floor to eat, continue walking =.="

The park ranger told us to move to the other side to avoid scaring the Orang Utans because the momma  has very bad record of being really aggressive.

The baby hides behind the mom and peeks at us once in awhile

Overall, we met 4 of them. Guess it is almost rain, so they decided to sleep than eating..

Next stop:

We had strawberry yesterday, so we thought we are going to try another flavour today
Guess we were not very lucky, it is strawberry as well today

Okay, don't care, want to eat as well

Awesome for a full day of outdoor

Ice-cream with peanuts RM2.70

No pictures and story for dinner because we had home cook dinner, made by Xu Vin's mom :)
Chatted a bit at the dinner table, so shy >.<

We did went out for supper after that, will only blog about it later
Need to dig out the pictures from Tyng first



Merryn said...

Yeeer! That close-up of that human figure very da scary leh? I had chills going down my spine looking at it >_<

Hilda Milda™ said...

I never knew the orang utan are allowed to roam around freely, must be really careful then :s

Qi Tyng Leong said...

I thought it was the stalactite that looks like a fairy. THe one we saw that day there was like it was bought from a gift shop and placed there! XD


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