Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 5 in Kuching: Chong Choon Sarawak Laksa Before Leaving :)

It is Day 5 in Kuching, which was my last day here as well
Our last day here was pretty relaxing, everyone got already exhausted from the climb in the caves yesterday and more outdoor

Chong Choon Cafe
Lot 121, Jalan Abell, Section 3, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Yeay! Finally Xu Vin brought us here. Can't wait to try the famous Sarawak laksa here, that everyone recommended

One of the best Sarawak laksa quoted by the local
RM 4.00
I preferred this one than the one I tried earlier :)

I miss this so much now

There are variety of Malay and Chinese cuisines here. But life won't be complete in Kuching without trying the Sarawak laksa here :D

Heard that there is vegetarian laksa here as well!

Mission accomplished!

Cousin having toast with egg

Then, Xu Vin drove us to the cat statue located in the middle of the road. I thought she was joking about parking at the side of the road and we will just run across to take pictures.

Last picture before leaving Kuching
They decorated the cat because Gawai is just around the corner when we were there

We went shopping around the souvenir shop then headed to The Spring Mall to have lunch and window shopping

We had beef noodle here and this is quite delicious
Since we had nothing to shop, we stopped at the food court again to have dessert together
Chatted til we were ready to go home and packed our stuffs

Kuching International Airport
We took a break in Starbucks and shared a cranberry chicken sandwich

Goodbye, Kuching

It was definitely a pleasant visit here, Xu Vin and her family being a really good host
Thank you so much!!



Merryn said...

The laksa looks good. I love laksa. Whatever laksa lah, doesn't matter from which state.. as long as laksa. Argh!!!

Xu Vin said...

good times... :D


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