Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why I need Mom during lunch

Sometimes that is why I need my Mom when I'm with my Dad

# Case 1

There was this one day my Mom went out with my Aunt to shop for something and she wasn't home when we had lunch, so I had lunch with my Dad.

He told me soup is in the pot. Without hesitation, I scooped them into the bowls and served them. After I drank it, I told him the soup was bland. He told me that grandma might have forgotten to add in salt into the soup.

I went like "Okay, but not bad anyway"

My mom was home after that and my Dad told her there is soup. My mom was stunned for a moment, she told us they didn't make soup today.

That was actually barley drinks made by my grandma!
My grandma usually didn't add in sugar when she made barley drinks

** ** ** ** **

# Case 2

Similar scenario as above, Mom wasn't around during lunch time with my Dad. 

There is a pot there as well and this time my Dad tried to be careful due to the previous incident told above. I took out the other dishes while he was observing what was inside the pot.

"Fan shu tong shui (Sweet potato dessert soup)"
That was what he told me after he looked really carefully into the pot.

So, we proceed.

Mom came home while we were still eating. The first thing she asked was why aren't we taking the soup?

It turns out inside the pot were beetroots. 
Grandma made beetroot soup!



HenRy LeE said...

har u guys cannot taste the soup one ah? LOL.... this surely won't happen to my family since my dad is a chef and my mom is his student :P


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