Sunday, 1 November 2009

Rules of blogging...

For most people, I bet it is all about interest when it comes to blog. Yup, I 'blog' cz I just love it. Still remember I love writing since I was a kid, til I wrote some lame stories when I was in primary & high school.. It was really funny when I read it now.

There are a lot of purpose for one to blog - leisure, de-stress, private corner, a place to scream one's lung out to relieve anger, the list is endless..

One to consider - followers & readers of the blog play an important role. This might change a blogger's mind from a private blog to a blog that fake everything to prevent self-secret leakage..

Following Hong Kong drama series 宫心计 (Beyond the Realm of Conscience), I learnt that there is no freedom of speech just to make others to be happy. Does blogging have to be the same?


Anonymous said...

mm... really like this style :))


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