Friday, 2 April 2010

205th Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen

Actually, I didn't know who is Hans Christian Andersen until this morning

(Saw it when I on my Google Chrome again..*cool*)

I believe (if I am not wrong), this is the Google series of THUMBELINA

Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish poet & fairy tale stories writer..

Famous fairy tales :

The Ugly Duckling
The Snow Queen
The Little Mermaid
The Nightingale

Lots more...

He met Charles Dickens when he first when to England. Dickens published David Copperfield right after he met Andersen. In David Copperfield, featuring a character Uriah Heep was said to be modeled on Andersen.

*amazing huh?*

The Nightingale was based on Andersen's love interest Lind, a opera soprano..

I learned new thing during my study week other than just what is in my notes or books...

Should thanks to Andersen for all the entertainment / fairy tales that I used to like since I was a kid...

Now I know who you are..... *wink*




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