Saturday, 3 July 2010

Unhealthy addictions

Did the hospital cafeteria ever think of selling healthy food than those in high carbohydrate and fat?
Those 'not-so-healthy' food not only provide more glucose and fats
Addiction as well

Grand Prize Winner of Qi Wen's Addiction
Hospital Cafeteria category:

Nasi Lemak!
(RM 1.30 only - even the price is addictive)

This is the best Nasi Lemak I had in KL so far
Crunchy kacang and ikan bilis
Sweet and spicy onion sambal
I have to get myself some fruits (top right) to please myself for eating too much Nasi Lemak

Grand Prize Winner of Qi Wen's Addiction
KTDI (Hostel) Cafeteria category:

Nasi Ayam!
(RM 3.50 - more addiction)

Never underestimate this nasi ayam
It is limited edition
Only on Thursday and they don't sell much
I can even choose my favorite part of ayam with nice sauce
Not very salty
More credits with the addition of Teh Ais
Very typical Malaysia food

"Eater" identity revealed!
Sue Ann's lunch set
At least hers were so much healthier than mine
Honey dew + UKM Segar mineral water

How long can this addiction haunt me?
I still have to spend 3 years here
Oh dear!



Sam Leong said...

wa... ukm has its own mineral water...


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