Thursday, 27 October 2011

An Adventure With My Pet

Here's an imaginary adventure I would like to go with my pet, Bean. Basically, at home, all of us called him "dao dao" in cantonese, a direct translation to English, he is Bean. Bean first came to my house on year 2003, counting the years Bean has been with us for 8 years now.

Bean and I have inseparable bond together. But, Bean's purpose at home is only a watching dog for my family. For me, Bean has been a really good accompaniment I ever had after Dumb left. Bean isn't any Husky or Terrier or chihuahua, he is just a stray dog once ago.

Let's get under my pillow and I will tell you what adventure I would like to go with Bean
I just want to turn kiddy & get loose one more time and have a children's adventure

So, once upon a time.....

"Hey Eli, I need you to help me look after my zoo for a moment because I need to go on emergency leave. I know you always love animals. Here's your chance, girl!"

All right, I wouldn't want to tell you who's on the phone but for sure someone really close that owns a ZOO! Wow, in a running to look after the animals in the zoo. Turned to Bean who was eagerly looking at me, I told him that he's going to get lots of friend when he gets there with me and it will be an amazing adventure for us.

This is serious. A zoo!

Once we reached the zoo, there is no visitor at all. But only the workers in the zoo running around. "Miss, our giraffes just get loose from the cage. They were everywhere now!"

I guess that wouldn't be tough, giraffe is tall. The next second, Bean ran towards an unknown direction and starts barking. Bean is chasing the giraffes! All the workers are following Bean and things settled down after that. Phew, lucky Bean was around.

Days after days, I had fun playing with the parrots, cleaning the zebras, feeding giraffes and all the animals there with Bean sticking around with me. Being a pet-lover myself, I am so overwhelmed having animals around. In addition, I get to ride horses around, practicing tricks with the elephants and oh boy, swims around with the seal and dolphin. Yes, every time with Bean around with me in this really fun adventure of taking care of a zoo!

Never did I know maintaining a zoo can be that adventurous. Until one day, Bean came to me with frisbee while I was cleaning the zebras. "Beany, we will play some other day right? These cutie zebras need some good shower. There you go Bean, there are cookies there" Bean left silently.

Until one evening, I came to realize Bean's feeding bowl is full. Bean hasn't been eating the whole day since I last see Bean when I was washing the zebras. Then only I come to realize that we haven't been doing what we usually did everyday.

Every morning, Bean and I will walk around the neighbourhood and he will have his poo business done. Then we will be home to have breakfast and off I go to school. When I was home, Bean usually deep in his sleep or he might be just awake but being lazy. In the evening, after my homework are done, I would spend some time rubbing Bean's back and tummy. Then, we would have frisbee challenge together and I have losing ever since we started the challenge.

Now I have been neglecting Bean's daily routine. He has his poo time in haywire and low level of entertainment. That is why he brought the Frisbee to me! Bean is trying to remind me that we have lost our daily rhythm for such a long time. I ran around the zoo to look for Bean until I found Bean sitting sadly under a bench. Bean looked really sick. Bean has been really jealous these few days for not getting the attention he has been having. Bean wants the adventure in the zoo together with me, not being neglected

Ever since then, Bean and I only go back to the zoo to visit. But I will always remember to have Bean sticking around with me. We no longer want a zoo adventure. Nowadays, we have a new adventure together, a game of hide and seek around the neighbourhood! This has made me realize that how important Bean to me. Losing him for a moment in the adventure leads to major worries to me. If I neglect him again, I do not only lost a great pet but I lost a best friend.

From that zoo adventure, I realized no matter how many animals I have around me, Bean only got me

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This is the real Bean, that doesn't play with Frisbee and his poo time is at the night!
He listens to cantonese!




Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

and he plays with ants! XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

No, it's not lame at all! :D

Isaac Tan said...

sweet story, and its really long. Such great effort eli! Bravo


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