Friday, 21 October 2011

Sankolok Boutique Cafe @ Sri Petaling

You see, for the first time I heard the name of this boutique cafe called Sankolok, I'm laughing my ass off! For you who spoke a lot of cantonese, you might get why I am laughing. Even if you don't, the word Sankolok doesn't sounds like a cafe at all.

My cousin told me the food there was good. So, we give it a try again for dinner today

Our dinner destination on a rainy day

Sankolok Boutique Cafe

Papers sticking along the wall at the staircase

We are almost there now!

We are now inside Sankolok!

I have to agree this is a really comfortable and nice place to dine in
Great ambience with soothing music

We were sort of the first customer there at that time
So, when Tyng pushed the door, all the workers stood up because they were sitting around resting

Leaf decoration made up of rattan fans

The lamps in the cafe

Both are set meals for dinner only
We picked the Family Set as recommended by the manager because it was just right for the 4 of us

Usually we had 5 person, but Ying had Prefect Night. So we were left with 4 person.
We picked Family Set A!

Since the set does not come with drinks, we had to order our drinks for each of us
If you don't fancy the drinks here (not much choice anyway), go downstair and turn right, you'll see Chatime

The view of Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling from my seat while waiting for my food
The cafe was located on the first floor
This is one busy road, we enjoyed watching how people fight for parking!

Along this shop lots, there are lots of food
Even if one food outlet per day, you might need half a month to try ALL or more than that

My hot jasmine tea
Not really emphasizing the drinks, but the CUP shape
No hole at the handle to hold on, which is kind of tricky
I end up holding the whole cup
Really didn't want to risk breaking the cup if it slips off my hand

Ern's hot milk tea

From the set, a plate of rice and a bowl of peanut soup each
The peanut soup is very good!
Love love!

Green Curry Chicken

This dish isn't spice in case you're curious regarding Green Curry
This is one of my favorite dish
I flooded my rice with the green curry

Turmeric fish
I never had turmeric fish like this before, not that I remember
Well, this does not disappoint me at all
Plus with the rice, this is one really good dish!
Very nice :)

Stir Fried Mixed Vege with Oyster Sauce
Well, every meal has to come with a combination of vegetables for the balance of nutrition
All right, no nutrition lesson here
But the taste was all right
The oyster sauce does not cover up the vegetable taste so much

One weird looking Dessert of the Day
It was a combination of chewy string jellies (red & green) and jackfruit slices (yellow)
With lots of ice cubes on top of it
The string jellies had no taste, just come with tinge of jackfruit sweetness

The whole set for 4 pax is RM 68.80 (drinks not included)

We couldn't finish the big bowl of green curry because everyone felt so bloated already

One thing I would like to emphasize here was the service is really good and everyone in there was so friendly. From taking our order, serving us food, clearing our used dishes and the worker even rushed to the door to open the door for us when we leave. Thanks for the great service

This was placed on the ground floor
Why only APIIT, IMU and UCSI??????

Sankolok Boutique Cafe
63-1, 1st Floor,
Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour: Tuesday - Sunday 11am-1pm

Sankolok Facebook Page HERE



Hilda Milda™ said...

Sankolok, Y U NO give discount to other uni students? :P HAHA but all the dishes look good to me *tummy making sound*

Elwyn~! said...

Looks like an awesome place. Hmmm, could be my target soon. Wahaha. Anywayz, isn't turmeric = kunyit? If kunyit, I sure like.

Isaac Tan said...

sankolok sounds like what ya? :) yummy food there!

kuromeowiie said...

I'm kinda scared of sri petaling ady hahaha, but I'll in 1 day XD

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Wow~ I love the design of your jasmine tea cup. but it does look quite a bit of troublesome in terms of holding the cup. Anyway, i still love the design.. hahaha

out of so many dishes... I would really wanted to try the green curry chicken.. *slurp*

Punk Chopsticks said...

Everything looks so tasty!!! Lol I dunno, probably because they had some partnering done. Is the food any good?

Anonymous said...

Their service is good! I went there when they first opened and they had set dinner promotion 6.90...was so full and the dishes were good! Recommend this place!

Anonymous said...

nothing special for me though...soli


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