Saturday, 7 June 2008

Public holiday.... (like I care..)

Well, the title tells it all, today is public holiday. It is the Hari Keputeraan Agong - whatever it is called.. Just a day that is said to be the King's birthday. I don't think His Majesty's big day is today, lucky him having two big days in a year. But I really have to say there is no fun being a KING!!!! He read his speech from the yellow-so-gold bookish thing like a kid doing a reading in front of the class. Why? This is because he don't have to prepare his speech, the ever-ready speech was just done for him and he will just present it.. Nah, what to do.. He is the King of Malaysia.. As a Malaysian or whatever it is, long live the King.. Can't be that cruel, if not, kena pancung!! (Haha...)

Nothing much to do even if it is a public holiday, that doesn't make any GREAT sense for me anyway.. I'm always in holiday mood since I graduated from JMC.. But, it is a good day for dad to have another holiday.. Accompanying my parents to have a walk and shopping which I am somewhat not very interested in.. Later on after the lunch, my dad and I started to watch


Well, not ashamed to admit that we had the pirated DVD we got from the supermarket.. Last week, we watched Iron Man on Sunday.. Erm.. Narnia.. I watched the first movie in the cinema years ago when I had my holiday in KL.. Still vivid in my memory, I watched it with my brother, dad and mom where dad got dizzy with the big screen in Mid Valley.. So, here comes the sequel.. At the beginning, I was a bit lost as I didn't much get it what it was.. Well, lucky me I didn't really get lost and gain myself back after some times.. Haha, I must be dreaming anyway...

My review.. Not much I can comment on it as I found out that I like the first movie better.. I didn't blame on the part that I am 'lost' in the story but it seems less attractive (I'm not sure this is the word I should describe, kinda weird) to me compared to the first one.. It did gave me the interest to keep watching and I sat in front of the TV without going for any snack break or toilet break.. At last, it finished in a relieve but it is sad to see that they won't return to Narnia anymore and the 'we can't work anymore' between Susan and Prince Caspian.. Well, every story had its ending and this is cool.. Hehe.. 4 stars should be enough though..


Fui said...

Hey! Fui Yin here =)

I've linked you up already... congratulations on your results anyways! Hope you can get into UM~

See you!

Sam Leong said...

I watched Iron Man in the cinema. Worth it.


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