Sunday, 8 June 2008

facebook vs friendster

Which is more popular right now? Two social pages to connect people around the world. So, what's your choice??

Facebook?????? OR Friendster??????

Here comes my personal opinion about them... Erm...

Facebook.. (Or well, muka buku..XD)
I joined Facebook a lil bit later as I didn't see that I have to sign up for so many social network stuff. So, I leave it and didn't bother to take a look of it. Well, not to deny, my brother introduced Facebook to me as he enjoyed it more than Friendster. After a long while, I decided to sign up and take a look. In the beginning, I didn't understand much how Facebook really work coz I looked so much different from Friendster. Later on after I had added more and more people in my friend list, I got to learn a lot about Facebook from them. Now, I had more fun in Facebook and spend more of my time with it compared to Friendster. This is because I was attracted by the applications in Facebook. Some of them were already offered in Friendster but some are really new for me (you know, NEWBIE...).

The applications I had in my profile page now are some of these...
The Heroes Ability (where u can have abilities & kacau your friends)
- Growing Gift (send a pot to your friends & will grow into something)
- Send coffee, chocolate. chocolate truffles, bracelets, sushi....
Lil Green Patch (where u send plants to friends to support the Green.. deforestation, global warming issue...)
- Hatching Eggs (interact, warm the egg and hatch a baby...)
- My City (adding citizens in the city..)
Compare People (very popular application.. you compare your friends in different aspects & there will provide you your rankings too..)
- etc....

And there are still lots of application to FLIRT (for you who are interested!!!), throw cakes to your friends, give a hug, kiss or even a wack...

Well, I start off as the member if Friendster since 2004 if I'm not mistaken.. Really interested on it as the first place where I got to add my friends in and create a big network with my long lost friends too.. After all, I started to lose my interest in Friendster as it doesn't have much to look for.. It did improve by having the emoticon thingy, start to add in applications, games, horoscope, albums, groups, bulletins.. However, it didn't put more stuff as Facebook did, so I had less time visiting Friendster now..

One different thing in Facebook which is obvious.. Which is everyone's favourite.. Viewing people!!! In Friendster, if you wanna view people anonymously, you will not know who view you either.. But if you are curious on who is viewing you, same thing will happen to the person you viewed.. They know you viewed them.. Except you didn't log in and search their names or emails to view them.. In Facebook, we will not get the notifications on who is viewing us.. For people viewing fans, this is a good news for you.. Haha... Just for fun anyway.. No matter what, enjoy!!!!!


Sam Leong said...

Facebook better la!


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