Monday, 9 June 2008


Here comes another Monday, time flies really fast without us noticing.. For those back in school, school time!! For me slacking at home, things go just the same except I'm going to have my driving lesson this afternoon.. *Yawning*.. Last night I slept kinda late as I catched an episode of The Celebrity Apprentice & recorded it for my dad.. Halfway thorugh the show, I am kinda sleepy but I managed to finish it. After the show, I had to change the tape in the recorder and recorded Formula One for my dad..

So, I woke up around 10am this morning and a glass of milk.. I flipped through the newspaper and then onlining!!! Check on my Friendster and Facebook, then start blogging.. Nothing much to do.. Text messages from Segamat to Seri Kembangan and back to Segamat is kind of slow for Maxis.. The coverage of Maxis in Seri Kembangan is really bad, doubt that is a new place, what to do? Maxis didn't realise it??????

Any update, I'll start blogging soon... See ya.. Ciao..


Sam Leong said...

Lazy to describe the food on my blog. And then, I have forgotten most of the facts of the historical places. How to write? Unless I go do research again. Haha!


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