Thursday, 5 June 2008

my blood test result...


Erm.. Let me see how I should I begin with this topic.. Well, I had my blood test last month which is my first blood test. Nothing much to reveal. The shocking news was my cholesterol level was unexpectedly high. Normal human cholesterol level should not exceed 5.2. However, mine was 6.1.. Weird huh? But not to be blamed that I love seafood a lot. Name it and I will definitely licking through it. For now, I have to start controlling my dietary and start exercising more. No more slacking during the holiday. Doctor said that I don't have to consume medicine at this age, which is way too young to have a high cholesterol. Maybe after 3 months, I have to go and have another check.. Really need it..


Detected!!! My Hepatitis B immunity is zero as stated by my blood test report.. So, vaccine is really needed and advisable.. I took the vaccine, no choice.. Everyone need to take the vaccine for three times for complete immunity. The second vaccine should be taken a month after the first one and the third vaccine, 6 months after the first one. The cost...erm..RM30 per vaccine.. It is much more cheaper than the vaccine I got for chickenpox last November, it was RM90 per vaccine where you need to take it two times!!!

After all, I suggest that everyone need to have a blood test around the age 18 just to verify something before furthering your study.. It is a better way for prevention. So that there's nothing to be worry about during your higher education especially when you are oversea. In conclusion, stay healthy!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!


Sam Leong said...

Stay healthy, my dear!


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