Monday, 5 April 2010

Review : GIT & Eli

I think I brought the wrong brain to the exam hall today

OBA (One Best Answer)
*flip, flip*
Gosh! Why so many anatomy?
*sure die*
*tikam tikam*

So many histological characteristics..
*ok ok*

EMI (Extended Matching Items)
Anatomy *phew*
Chronic Liver Disease *no memories =(*

*kua kua kua*

Read 1st trigger -> Ulcerative colitis *I know! =)
*scroll down*
Questions : Regarding colon *S.H.I.T!!!!*
Anatomy of colon, location & relation to posterior abdominal wall, blood supply!
*blink blink, rub eyes*
Like that, I don't know.. I only know UC..
*mampus la 1st question*

Essay 2

Gastrinoma in the head of pancreas
*wait! what is gastrinoma har?*
*think hard*
OooOooo.. I know...
Why stetorrhea? *still boleh la~*
Regulation of the pancreatic juice in this case
*trying hard to relate gastrinoma & prancreatic juice*
*write craps*
*half of it habis liao~*

Omeprazole -PPI
Mechanism of action
*so angry I couldn't recall a single thg*
*salah semua!*
Side Effects

Essay 3

Chronic alcoholic guy
Liver failure *list effects and complications*
*1st confident answer*
Pathogenesis of liver cirrhosis
*sei liao~ how already har?*
*tembak tembak*

Essay 4

My prediction! Hepatitis!
Not Hepatitis B leh~

Pathogenesis of Hepatitis A
*simply create lo, agak-agak*
Immune response
*I know something there, but I forgot their function*

DRAW A DIAGRAM *alamak* of serology profile and clinical features
*I apa pun tak tau*
Draw something that looks pro

Conclusion : Bring the wrong brain in but I have only 1 brain.. *kia si lang*



kyan said...

Good review...the ques r so unpredictable..did until vomit blood in dsg...

Xu Vin said...

yeah good review here. FUH. full of ??!!!@@### yesterday.

next year they might put in haemetemesis question after kyan che vommitted blood in dsg yesterday. :D


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