Saturday, 17 April 2010


All right, after the case of exam
Post-exam activity is a must!
After all the :

1. Disappointment
2. Caffeine excitement
3. Sugar rush
4. Brain saturation
5. Neurons depletion
6. Back pain
7. Hand pain from writing too furiously
8. Any pain

Here is the time that let all that to RELAX

The heavy rain is pouring down after my OSPE
It means something, huh?
Something deep into my heart

Kah Yan, Yun Ting, Li Chin, Mei Sung & I
Went all the way to Times Square
to stuff ourselves with sushi
*relieving symptoms no.2, sugar rush*
Plus with green tea
*relieving symptoms no.4 & perhaps 5?

We walked around and planned to watch a movie
So we took a lift way down to 3rd floor to the ticket booth
All the movie starts kinda late
So we cancelled our plan

*It was funny + pitiful when Yun Ting was left alone in the lift when all of us stepped out without realizing she was trapped inside.. Later, after the lift door closed, she was sent up to 10th floor before she got down again* -so BAD la us.. We couldn't stop laughing when we saw her brought up by the lift & got way so high to the 10th floor-

Next station : Sungei Wang, Green Box
The receptionist told us we will have to wait til 6pm (or was it 8pm?)
Plan cancelled

We were deeply desperate to have fun

Next station : Low yat Red Box
It took us quite a long time to search for it
We didn't know how to get to Basement 1
We were stuck in the lift for of people for some time to reach Basement 1
We missed out that level

Finally, we got to sing in Red Box
Student price RM8 each..
What else?
Sing la...!

I am super paiseh in the beginning
This was only my 2nd time karaok-ing
After my super sporting & cool friends singing
I followed to release all the stress
We sang til 8pm

Got our dinner and head back to KTSN
I totally forgot that it was the same day I had my OSPE after singing

All thanks to Yan jie, Yun Ting, Li Chin & Mei Sung

Lunch in Sushi King
Members' month, RM2 each for most of the sushi
I think it was just right after OSPE
I didn't eat a lot compared to usual day

Our mission kind of not very successful
I won't say we failed
Although we didn't succeed to stack it HIGH
We made ourselves happy enough to relieve stress

Kah Yan 'jie'..
See, how serious she is..
*consider she ate all that*

I told ya
See, how happy she is
*yan 'jie', when you see this, don't angry k? I am just helping to promote you XD*



Xu Vin said...

booyah!awesome! :P


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