Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Review : Endocrine & Eli

Doing Endocrine, but my bladder doesn't work well today

I felt the urge to go to the toilet when I started my OBA
End up forgetting about it
It was so annoying


20 questions
Lots of symptoms of the hormone irregularities
Most asking for reasons
*Well expected that I like it cz no anatomy*
*silly mistakes here & there*


Histology, cells
Lots of hormone
Anti-diabetic drugs

*hmm... quite hard to choose which one is the best*
*lack of knowledge*

Every hormone seems related & it was so confusing

*jeng jeng jeng*

Essay 1
Growth hormone
*metabolic functions*
*effects & complications* (5 marks *dang*)

Essay 2
Addison's disease
*somehow I didn't see it coming*
*hypocortisolism* c00l word

Mechanism of hyperpigmentation in relation with Addison's disease
*seriously, I know what is that, but I never really find out WHY*
*being creative and sound PRO, I crap something*

Other features/effects of Addison's disease or complications?
*OK, I have memory loss here*
*I didn't remember the question & I lagi tak tahu what I answered*
*Means, it was something that I did not really know the answers*

Bacterial infection in that guy, was prescribed with Hydrocortisone for LIFE

Describe the dose given to this patient
*Actually, I didn't excatly know what did it means*
*Anyone can teach / tell me?*

State another drug for this unlucky fella
*simply put one*

Here comes the reason of why we choose the other drug

Essay 3
Grave's Disease
*like what the disease called, memang masuk 'grave'*

Mechanism / Pathogenesis of GD
*agak-agak la*
Important steps tertinggal!!
*gali graves*

Mechanism of Methimazole
*i ada baca =)*

Side Effetcs of Methimazole

Patient becomes pregnant, change to PTU --> Explain the reason

Essay 3 was the 1st essay I did.. I only know the pharmaco part though
*everytime also like that haiz.. half bucket of water*

Conclusion : Yesterday was a challenging day, today is a confusing day, tomorrow continues..

P.S A few minutes before the exam ended, the urge of visiting t.o.i.l.e.t annoyed me again

Coming up next!
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