Thursday, 8 April 2010

Review : Neuroscience & Eli

Who can fight it? =/

Is going to be a long review with lots of curse and complains

Before exam

Slept at 1.30am, couldn't stand the saturated brain anymore
With a hint of headache
Alarm set : 4.15am


Woke up
Check my cellphone

When did the alarm rang?!


*totally no confidence*
I dare to say this was my 1st time stepping into the exam hall with nothing in my mind


Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy
*tikam tembak, any cara la*

There are lots of questions that I seems to know
A, B, C, D, E...
I cancelled out 3 answers which definitely wrong
50-50 towards the correct answer
*this one la*
and I tell myself not to look back
Cause' whenever I look back & change the answer
The previous answer will the correct one!

*go back check - WRONG..*
OK nevermind, wrong 1 only...
*check 2nd question - WRONG..*
Don't want check oledi la...
'Qi shi ren'


More choices of answer.. A to H or J
Some I know lor...

*haven't see essay questions also know will die already*

Muscles of the neck
*I tak sempat baca*
CNS Infections
Sedative & Opioids
Cranial nerves nuclei
Functional part of the brain
*is it? the one with basal ganglia, amyglada, hippocampus*
etc...(I forgot)


Essay 1

A gal that tends to fall forward or backwards. Couldn't erect the trunk. Coordination of limbs are normal... Diagnosed with cerebellar disease kot..*something like that*

Parts of the affected cerebellum
Name ALL nuclei in cerebellum
*ALL? so many ah? sei lo.. anyway, I end up putting in DEFG*
Describe anatomical & functional divisions of cerebellum
*flocu-- fluco-- flo-- *dunno what* --nodular*
*lots of spelling mistakes here*
Arterial blood supply to cerebellum
*dang! forgot liao.. PICA?*

Essay 2

Based on the same situation above

DESCRIBE 2 tests for coordination of the limbs
*limbs? what limbs? which one?*

The coordination is normal. She still can play a piano & sing.

EXPLAIN the process above affect which cortical areas & tract. EXPLAIN the function of the cortical area & the tract...

*play piano & sing at the same time?*
*play piano & then only sing?*
*play piano without looking at the pieces?*
*play piano while looking at the pieces?*
*sing looking at lyrics or listening to words in radio?*
*Or just randomly sing her own creative song?*

All this run through my mind because of the vague situations
*poof... 8 marks bu jian liao (gone)*

Essay 3

Parkinson's disease

Describe the gross morphology of Parkinson's disease
*what a gross question?*
*Honestly, I am not sure whether I didn't read about it or I really never see the gross morphology before*
*I even don't know how to CREATE an answer*
Mind you, 5 MARKS!

Describe histopathological changes seen in Parkinson's disease
*banyakla 5 marks..nothing to write also*
*write mampus, didn't write mampus also*
*simply create.. SO HARD TO CREATE*

10 marks bye bye

Essay 4

Give this Parkinson's disease patient Levodopa

Mechanism of levodopa
*still ok.. This is my prediction of the module*
*at least there are still something predictable*

Levadopa + carbidopa. What can be alleviate from this combination of drugs?
6 MARKS!!!!
*I tak tau I answer correct or not*
*at least I understand this questions*

For a moment in the hall, I hope there is electrical breakdown so that the paper is cancelled.
Wish doesn't come true
Oh well
Back to the same word --> F.A.T.E

Number 13 still lucky
Number 101, what luck also dun have

Conclusion of the day : I am mentally prepared to reseat this paper.. I am very positive towards it and didn't take this as a stress.

What done is done...
Takkan you want me to cry outside the hall la...

P.S All of us were so SAD & EMO & DESPERATE when the exam ends, suddenly here come the KTDI Persiap representative telling us when to daftar for our hostel in KTDI, when is our elementary clinic & PPD camp...

I was like --> NO HOPE

Coming up next week!
Review : OSPE/OSCE & Eli



Xu Vin said...

omg hahahhahahahh the part whr u said u wished got bekalan electric putus is damn funny!!!


time to slack!!!! :D :D :D for today and tmr. YEAHH!!!

lynn said...

haha...ya...must alway keep positive attitude although being knocked out...

let's work hard together ...=)


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