Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Review : Reproductive & Eli

Thanks God it is not Friday
Crossing my fingers that 13 is not bad luck after all

Here comes the module that I hardly finish my revision


Starting with anatomy as usual
Which I am not very good at it
*KIV-ed some questions*


This is always the uncertain part of my life
Histological features of testicular carcinoma
Hormonal contraception
Muscles of the pelvis

*1st time I see the answers are so long in EMI*
*It took me quite long to figure out the options*

*Elaine jie jie was right.. PREGNANCY*

Essay 1

Positive urine pregnancy test.

Name the hormone that give +ve result in the test
The role of the hormone
Name other 2 hormones that is increase and their roles

15th week of pregnancy, the 5 years old son has varicella

Pathogenesis of varicella in pregnant mother
Complications of varicella (mother & foetus)
*for a moment, I couldn't really connect what is Varicella*
*My mind was thinking about Herpes Simplex Virus.. oops!*

*I almost fall asleep in the exam hall a few times when I am doing the questions*
*Brain juice drying out*

Essay 2

*at this moment I am still quite satisfied as I didn't see any anatomy part of the essay*

Screening, the foetus is a MALE (XY)

Describe the development of p***s
*Public blog, trying not to make it sound adult in here.. hehe XD jk*

*damn! EMBRYOLOGY.. apa pun tak tau =.=" *

*crap the answer..*
I think if the normal development is exactly what I wrote, I guess I am creating an alien here
*still can laugh... wakakaka*

35th week, premature rupture of the membrane..

Mechanism of oxytocin
*kinda expected*

Describe the uterine contraction caused by oxytocin
*Sound vague to me, I hope what I answered is right*

Another indication of oxytocin

Essay 3


Explain milk secretion & excretion during breastfeeding
*5 marks wooi..*
*Got so many things to write mieh?*

Found painless mass on the breast ---> Fibrocystic changes

Describe MORPHOLOGICAL changes in fibrocystic changes of the breast
*morphology... another weakness of mine*
*5 marks*

Quite a number of people hand in their papers before the end of the exam
I bet this was so far the okay-iest for everyone
I still can't decide
I still think I am 'pun thong sui' (half a bucket of water :P) in every paper
As if like none of the questions I could answer it full without doubt

Conclusion : My seat number 13 not so bad luck after all.. Maybe it is not Friday 13 =)

P.s Consider lucky 13. Usually the side row will be call to hand in their paper last.. We made it 1st today so that I can run back to my room earlier for another revision. ZT paper in the afternoon

Advertisement time!
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I love it... It was c.u.t.e!!! XD
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I am not going to do any review for ZT paper
Out of the hall after 25 minutes of exam
Which is not in the rules
But, who cares?

Coming soon (in less than 24 hours!)
Review : Neuroscience & Eli
*a nerve wrecking review!*
Stay tuned




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