Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yeah, this is a late post
I guess it was because I am TOTALLY SPEECHLESS

In my memory, OSPE was something we learned in lab
Practical, meet the expert session (MES)

Reality check!
From GIT to Reproductive system
Most of the slides & pictures were from lecture notes
What the *dot dot dot*

The only fun part was when we changed stations every 4 minutes
Seriously, I really think it was FUN
Even though I didn't get the answer
I love walking around when the bell rings

Clinical !!
Upper limb -Tone, Power, Reflexs
*tendon hammer time*
As I expected, I did not get the brachial reflexes
*but I pretended to be serious*

History taking on GIT case
What is colicky pain?
At this moment, it made me realized that I did not know colicky pain well
I couldn't exactly answer that

PPD station
Gosh, that guy was so hard to be console, man!
His prejudice was so STRONG
For some moment, felt like want to stomp on him
Luckily it was Dr. Heikal as my observer / examiner
He showed me a 'thumb up' after I finished
Thank you, Dr!

Conclusion : This was the fun-nest clinical & PPD stations I ever had... A bit more prepared and relaxed...

This is all about my exam reviews for now...
Hope I don't have to slit in another one..
*praying hard not to resit any paper*

I really wish 203 out of 203 of us will go posting together this June
Till then...



Xu Vin said...

yeah man darn i dun tink i managed to convince the girl at my ppd station hahah but yeah i cant bilif got ppl with such prejudice punya. *slaps forehead*


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