Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Day 3 had just reached its end
Crossing my fingers everything should be ok..
Burning the midnight oil
Sacrifice my sleep
Torturing my brain
Race against time

Love the part when I searched for my table in the exam hall
Love to have fresh feeling on a new seat everyday
Love to feel the people around me
Love to see how the clock ticks
Love to know the day is passing by
Love to reach my room earlier to catch a nap
Love to know that I went through all these

I used to hate awkward environment
I used to hate hectic moments
I used to hate having people around me when I am serious
I used to hate slow thinking
I used to hate having lack of sleep
I used to hate breathless moments
I used to hate...
Looking for the moment we are set free
Looking for the moment to feel free
Looking for the moment to let go
Looking for the moment to learn new things
Looking for the moment to be in a new group
Looking for the moment how life changes
Looking for the moment in Orchard Parksuites
Looking for the moment of warmth and love
Looking for the moment of 'princess' at home
Finish urinary 1st
Finish MS 1st
Finish OSPE 1st
Finish Exam 1st
I am waiting for it
Waiting for it to be over
To be over and have fun
Have fun and rest my brain
Rest my brain & go for vacation
Go for vacation & play hard
Play hard & enjoy
Enjoy the moment
The moment that I am waiting for
Waiting for it to come to me
Come to me...
Come to me...

*Oh ya, BTW.. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Daddy & Mummy!!



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