Sunday, 29 November 2009

♥Singapore Day 2 - 2012♥

Day 2

*Glass reflection of the lift ceiling, I am the one with bright light.. Hehe*

Woke up late
Tyng & I missed the free breakfast which ended at 9.30pm
We went to Wisma Atria Food Republic
Breakfast - Fish & Chips
With mushroom soup

Movie Day
Both of us were set free after the breakfast
We decided to watch 2012
Uncle KC & Aunt MC told us the direction to the cinema in Shaw House
We lost our way
Ended up turning round & round in Ion Orchard
We gave up & went to ask at the information counter
The guy even gave us a map

*Laughing at ourselves*
We made our way there
We watched the 1.15pm show
We checked the showtime for A Christmas Carol
Then we decided to watch with the others the next day

The cineplex that we went in was super small
At 1st we thought the size will affect our 'end of the world feel'
The movie was okay for me
Especially those effects
I am kind of expecting how it would happened
Just found some of the people in the movie that shouldn't die
No tears
I still wondering why people cried after the movie

We saw a volvo displayed at the entrance
It was to promote 'New Moon'

While we were walking around in Isetan
There was this something very cute

On our way back
We bought a few bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino again
*Everybody loves Starbucks*
It was something that we can't buy in Penisular Malaysia

Dinner Time

In Ion Orchard Food Hall again
I had nasi lemak from a stall called Padang Padang
The taste was okay =.=

It was quite a plain day

Oh yeah!

Congratulations to Su-Lynn!!!
*5As' for her UPSR*



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