Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?
First, it is the exam... No, we are not there yet..

Second, it is about the notes... No, I am not reaching to the end yet..

It has been my 5th day of study week and hell yeah, I am getting exhausted day by day..
Being cramped in the room for too long with only one aim - Finish the Notes - definitely a boring yet interesting task..

First few days were going good & motivation level in the peak..

Here comes the 5th day, narcolepsy is coming in, joining me in the army of notes war..
Unexpectedly, my appetite getting worst & I am addicted to 'teh ais' @ 'ice milk tea' from the cafe.. It makes me stay awake & give me a hard to shut my eyes in the wee hour when I really need a good sleep..

My countdown still on : 5 days to go on my 5th day of study week..



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