Friday, 6 November 2009

This is what everybody talking about

Morning.. Woke up really late today.. Yeah, 10.30am is LATE for STUDY WEEK...

People have been talking about new PBL name list since yesterday. Things are getting funny.
The list is out when we haven't even take our Sem 3 Final Exam.
A sudden efficiency.. Lolz..
This should not be something to worry about now, yeah, just to be excited about..

One more thing - People go really crazy when they know new PBLmates are so called their labmates as well..
Some might like it, most might not..
PBL, CSL, PPD, MES or what-so-ever that we have is going to meet the same faces...

I am okay with everything, nothing to protest about..
We are in 2nd year now..
We know each other..
That's it..



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