Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Good day for brain...

I have been straining my brain for the 4th day now since Saturday.. Lolz.. My brain must been screaming, kicking & punching these few days.. Sorry, brain..

To improve memory & reduce over brain-torturing, there are a few ways..
(I search it in the internet long long time ago & my memory doesn't improve really much, i presume.. XD)

Be positive!! Be positive!! Be +ve!!
This is the most important part..

Just convince yourself that you have a good memory.. (even though you don't have one, but who cares?)

Exercise your brain..
Eg. Sudoku puzzle, crossword...

Sleep well.. (Hopefully I can..)

Try meditate..


Does brain food helps?
Raisin, kiwi... ??



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