Sunday, 29 November 2009

♥Singapore Day 1 - The Umbrella Thing♥

Day 1

*Long queue*

Landed at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1..
We took 2 cabs to Orchard Parksuites

Tyng, aunt, grandma & I got into a cab, this is what happened:

Me: Orchard Parksuites
Cab Driver: Huh? Where?
Me: Orchard Parksuites

Cab Driver: Where is
Me: Behind Wisma Atria
Cab Driver: Orchard Road ah?
Me: Yeah

Cab Driver: Near which mall?
Me: Takashimaya

Cab Driver: Ohh... Behind Wis
ma Atria la?
Me: Yeah (Lol.. I thought I mentioned it just now)

Checked in room 2205
*It was in the same angle, position, location, geography with the one we stayed 5 months ago* Well, that was 2 floors below *wink*
This time the furniture arrange looked nicer, I think

What else??!!

Go check out my room
*So comfy~~~*

Tyng & I (as usual) shared the roo
m again...
How we missed that room

Lunch time
Uncle CK and Aunt MC (Su-Lynn's parents) brought us to Ion Orchard Food Hall
After walking round & round & round & round

We decided to try the Tokyo Crepe

*well recommended by Su-
I had a mushroom cheese crepe

Su-Lynn, Ying & I had Hokkaido Ice Cr
eam Milk Flavor

Uncle CK bought us Tai
Tyng & I tried the German Po
tato Taiyaki

Uncle KC (Tyng's dad) asked us to try the Peking Duck

The Ice Cream

We were left hanging out, taking our sweet time in there

Some of them went back to the suite

Some went somewhere else
We were told to go around by ou
*This is my fav part of Singapore - SAFE*

Bought 3 books by Mitch Alb

When we decided to go back
It rained heavily
We just could
n't wait anymore for the rain to stop
We stopped by a 7-11 that is just opposite our service apartment
*Brilliant idea on the way*
We bought a 'fold-able' neon green umbrella


A few bottles of Starbucks Frap

Su-Lynn & Ying went back with the umbrella first
While Ern ran with them

Ying came back with the umb
rella to get Tyng
*lolz.. I am alone now*

Luckily they didn't betrayed me..
Tyng came to take me after that...

*I still find that situation funny cz we bought umbrella*

Dinner Time
In Tampopo (Japanese cuisine)
I had a crab porridge with mushroom
It tasted so unique

More credits when it was accompanied by Japan Apple Juice
Left: Japan Apple Juice Right: Orange Juice

Aunt MC's food =)

We stopped by at Giordarno
Bought 2 shirts & a pair of HOT pink socks

Something crazy
I threw my toothbrush into the dustbin instead of the wrapper
There was totally no chemistry when brushing my teeth with Tyng
*Things happened in a really weird way XD*
CLEO in Singapore
totally awesome

$4.40 with so many things in it

-End of Day 1-



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