Friday, 13 November 2009

Something different

Oh no, so not me!
I thought I will rush back
The 1st thing I will do is to SLEEP
Theory paper is over
Finally.. *phew*
Didn't know what I am doing today
Oh God..
You are so cruel...
I planned to take a nap since 12pm
I didn't
It is 3pm now
I went to the cafe
For the sake of teh ais addicttion
And then...
I still not planning to land on my bed
I watched a few episodes of E.U (学警狙击)
With my teh ais & pinky bear

Still feel super terrible
Oh God
You are so cruel...
I smell something difference
With the people lawn-mowing outside my room
Not the smell of the grass
Is the smell of Singapore
I want to be there faster
Stay longer...

My OSPE in the morning
Next Tuesday...
I thought I will be in the afternoon session
Looks like He heard me
I can have more time to pack
Pack to go over(the)sea
*Just across a.k.a over-there*
And then...
Head home...
Miss home so much
I can feel it is getting nearer

Not until when the result is out
Mentally & physically prepared
For reseat paper(s)
I guess not just 1 paper
It feels just like papersssssssssssss
I think my brain under-going infarction
Funny things going around my brain
I want to watch 2012!!


奕斌 said...

EU is nice =)
good luck in your OPSE too !


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