Monday, 21 March 2011


Home is really sweet!

This is what my dog did when I just got down my car to welcome me home!
Oh yeah, his name is Dao Dao
Dao Dao (cantonese) = Bean/Peanuts (English)
When he do that, he wants me to rub his sexy belly

The main purpose I am home:

I'm still stuck in the same book

Other than just studying, here is all my L.O.V.E!!
My bed and babies!

My giraffe a.k.a Lut is back with me from KL 

Miss my dearie Nemo!
So huggable

Nothing more perfect and warm than home itself
Too comfortable that somehow my study progress is too slow

But, I enjoy being pampered and spoiled again!
Didn't get this in KL



Jayren Hann Yaw said...

home is always sweet ! =D

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

it's always nice to be home :)

Hansley Liew said...

all the best doc~

Hilda Milda™ said...

Home is definitely the best place to be (:

~Snowman~ said...

I like your soft toys! so many! =)


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