Thursday, 31 March 2011

De-stress lunch & dessert

On Wednesday, I have one day off in between my hiatus exam week. Crazy idea always pop up in the midst of exam. I just want to get out of my hostel for a moment to unwind my stress after 2 theory papers examination. The de-stress plan went well when Jayren's class finish exactly at lunch hour. Besides, I get to call my cousin, Qi Tyng to tag along with her boyfriend, Andrew.

After Jayren picked me, we went all the way to Bukit Jalil to pick Qi Tyng and Andrew. There, we head to Sunway Giza Mall. The journey was long for me. From Cheras to Bukit Jalil then all the way to Sunway Giza Mall. After lunch and dessert, we travelled back to Bukit Jalil and Cheras. 

My first time in Sunway Giza Mall
We had our lunch in Coffee Chemistry Cafe
(Well recommended by the bloggers and Jayren)

We shared an appetizer
Way better than the tostada chips in Chilis
Love the big chunky juicy tomatoes in the salsa sauce

Extra stars given not only to the taste, the art as well

Top: Iced Cappuccino
Below: Iced Mocha

 Beef and bacon fried rice

Seafood pasta

(Picture courtesy of Qi Tyng)
The one in the middle is Chicken Fried Rice
The hungry people just om-nom everything and plates almost licked clean

For better digestion (not to waste the car petrol as well), we walked over to My Honeymoon for dessert!

We called that The Alien

 I love how they fold this thing, so cute
Durian Pancakes

The cream and durian flesh!
Irresistible for a typical Segamat people like me that came from a place that famous of durians!

Tofu Sweetheart
Love the taufufa-taste ice cream!

I was too busy cutting the durian pancakes while they were too busy looking at me cutting it
We forgot to take the picture of the Chocolate Glutinous Ball with Peanuts!

De-stress works!



crazywrazy said...

Woots! Finally you make your grand visit to CCC and Honeymoon! Dead expensive honeymoon desserts though! I spent RM70 on desserts alone lol

Sherry Degarmo said...

The ice cappuccino is love! :)

ErikaToh said...

Wow....I'm so drooling all over the food now.... :P Love our post! I'm glad you visited Coffee Chemistry Cafe. ;)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I think I'll be the last person to go to CCC and try out their food :P

Isaac Tan said...

Yay u finally tried CCC.
I havent yet, bring me soon ! XD

Jackie Loi said...

tats not alien tats big kuku LOL

Jessy said...

Haha Hilda same! Btw, the nachos really nicer than the one in chillis ahh..damn I must go already!

* tracey gal * said...

oooo they have nachos! :D will visit the place one day!


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