Thursday, 3 March 2011

I Am Number Four special screening

Thank you ChurpChurp for the free tickets to watch I Am Number Four in e@Curve on Tuesday (1st March)

My date of the night is my friend, Connie 
She had been my date for movie for the second time now at the same cinema

I'm so excited for the night as most of the bloggers I know will be there too!

Jayren picked me from my place at around 4.50pm and then we head on to pick Connie somewhere nearby and Qi Tyng in Bukit Jalil. We reached e@Curve at 6.30pm and met with Elwyn at the entrance near McDonalds. Then we had our dinner in Popeyes with Li Chuen, Tikkoss and his Mom, Isaac. After that, Hilda and Joeann joined us. Met Tony and Christy as well, but they had their dinner somewhere else.

The ticket collection counter open at 8.30pm and due to Jayren and Tikkoss' kiasu-nism suggestion, we went to wait at the table around 7.55pm. While waiting, for sure some of them will take out their awesome camera to take pictures!

After ticket redemption, Elwyn treated all of us Lecka Lecka for dessert as he has the vouchers.
Want to say Thank You here to Elwyn!

Introduction picture
The bloggers blend into I Am Number Four poster

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
Left to right:
My cousin, Qi Tyng - My date of the night, Connie - Yours truly

Dinner in Popeyes

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
I took this picture as well, but mine super cacat!
Blame Tikkoss that interrupt me when I took the photo of this..

The sign says it all
They are giving away 30 pairs of ticket from Nuffnang and 30 pairs of ticket from ChurpChurp
Since they are sister company, we collected at the same counter

(Picture courtesy of Tikkoss)
Group picture!
Introduction from left to right:
Joeann, Hilda, Elwyn, Connie, yours truly, Qi Tyng, Jayren, Li Chuen, Isaac, Kian Fai

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
Another smaller group picture with Tikkoss in yellow at the back

The row D people
Jayren, mine, Qi Tyng and Connie's tickets
Free gifts from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp - The badges

(Picture courtesy of Tikkoss)
My first time trying out Lecka Lecka

(Picture courtesy of Tikkoss)
The ice creams!

(Picture of Tikkoss)
It was fun when the 15 of us sitting in a circle like camp fire eating the 2 bowls of ice cream
The people there are (from my memory starting from Tikkoss):
Tikkoss, Tikkoss' Mom, Connie, Qi Tyng,  yours truly, Jayren, Li Chuen, Hilda, Joeann, Chloe, Christy, Tony, Elwyn, Henry Lee, Isaac

Kian Fai and Shii Teck didn't join us in the circle and from our view, the both of them look like having some emo chat. Sorry guys, no offence!


Now about the movie, I Am Number Four!

Alex Pettyfer as Number Four a.k.a John Smith
This is really like my childhood imaginary movie having superpowers!
Yes, superpowerS because he not only have one power, but A LOT
Feel so sad for the people in Heroes now...

I like it when his palms can glow!
Save up the batteries for torch light and the money to buy a torch light when there is no electricity

Another cool superpower he has
Should pay attention to the priceless expression of the driver 

Dianna Agron as Sarah, the lover
Or somehow I called her the "sei sou" (Mrs. Number Four)
She is just so sweet!
For Glee lovers, you guys sure know who she is

Their dialogues were so cheesy and from that he get her and her kiss so easily.
I went like "duhhhh... cannot so easy lah!"

The fireproof hot girl, Number 6 a.k.a Jane Doe by Teresa Palmer
Fuhlamak, she is damn 'yeng' in the movie
Got style!

Callan McAuliffe as Sam
The guy that believes in all those superpowers with his Dad, Malcolm
Throughout the movie, he is the sidekick of Number 4

Timothy Olyphant as Henri, the guardian of Number 4

Kevin Durand as the Mogadorian Commander
The villain in the movie that somehow died so easily

Overall, for me the movie is just so-so, except I myself like to see them using superpowers and fight around. The lines were all so cheesy. There are so little dialogue in the movie and everything happened just so fast and end just like that. 

Once again, thank you ChurpChurp for the special screening of I Am Number Four

Nice meeting those who are there!

For those that I didn't chat with, I'm sorry that I'm so shy and hope to see you guys again next time



Kian Fai said...

that poppeye rice looks tasty eh!

and . . . yah me and Shiiteck have lots of things to chat seems first time we meet! LOL

lol I thought u will choose "Fiesty" . . . Emo suits u huh =)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Looking forward to see you next time (:

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Nice and detail movie review ! So funny and cute ! =D

soulesscloudy said...

I'm too shy to say HI

Nikel Khor said...

actually, they are waiting for me.. wakaka

~Joeanney~ said...

nice to meet you and nice review there :D

Isaac Tan said...

wwahahaha. this sentence sounds wrong Qi Wen.

"Then we had our dinner in Popeyes with Li Chuen, Tikkoss and his Mom, Isaac"

I'm not Tikkoss' mum!! Hahaha

Alan said...

not bad, u won the ticket

Jacqkie Rowena said...

Hey Qi Wen,

I'm Jacqueline from ChurpChurp, we'd like to use some of your photos in our Facebook but we are going to credit you for the photos yeah! :)

Much thanks!


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