Monday, 7 March 2011

Long case mission accomplished!

1 week ago...

Farhana and I: Dr, when can we do long case with doctor?
Doctor: *Look at me* You present already?
Me: Yeah, I presented to doctor once
Doctor: Oh, okay *look at Farhana* Next week 4pm, okay..
Me: *silent evil laugh* 

When doctor went away...

Me: Yes! Does he mean I don't have to do long case anymore? *still with big smile*
Nadhira: You know what? You're the luckiest person in the world
Me: Yes Yes Yes!

One whole week feeling God knows how happy and lucky I am
Lazy to go to ward early, didn't bother to look for any case


I sat in the seminar room waiting for doctor like 2 hours because one of the class postponed
Doing nothing but charging my phone and breaking my tweet record

4pm, doctor walked in and the first thing he said

Doctor: Who want to present first?
Me: *confused.. who? die die die, he forgot and I need to present my case actually*

Farhana started her presentation, my mind wasn't there and I started to rearrange a case that I already had with me long time ago

Doctor: Next.... *looking at me*

Very short presentation and in my heart was like *this is such a bullcrap, my unprepared presentation sucks*

I wanted to tell doctor so badly, "Doctor, I presented, do I still need to present?"
But that sound like trying to avoid being assessed again, as if I'm so afraid he found my mistake
Another point, that is so not professional!

So, I just present without telling him all that

So "smart" telling doctor that I want to do a Liver Function Test and Abdominal X-Ray on this patient when there is no indication for this case

"Smarter" when the discussion and presentation had ended only I ask, "Shall we do serum amylase?"
Doctor : Yeah, actually just now if you didn't mention it, it is okay. But if you do mention about it, it is quite good.

Just now? Not consider inside my presentation already...
sweat =.="

In conclusion...

I had done my long case!

Doing an unprepared immediate presentation is better than I knew it one week earlier as I will have sleepless night. But I sleep well last night. Qi Wen, I'm so happy for you!



nadhira khairudin said...

hate u!!!!

Xu Vin said...


Kelly said...

Good Luck! Being a doctor isn't easy at all. Is doctor your dream job?


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